OUR restorative services

composite or metal

Fillings are used to treat small to moderate cavities. These are normally composite (tooth colored) fillings, but in certain, rare circumstances metal fillings may be more appropriate.

zirconium or gold

Crowns are used when teeth have deep decay or are fractured/broken. Crowns are two appointment procedures as the lab will have to fabricate your crown. We also specialize in implant crowns that top a titanium screw.

missing tooth replacement

Bridges are an option for replacing a missing tooth. It involves crowning the tooth on either side of the gap and having a crown connected in between that replaces the missing tooth.

partial or full

Dentures are acrylic and metal pieces that are fit to your mouth and have fake teeth in the areas where there are missing teeth in your mouth. As bone in the mouth changes, these may need to be relined or replaced.