Emergency information

what constitutes a dental emergency?

facial swelling
either inside the mouth or along the cheeks/jaw

Swelling can be a sign of an advanced dental infection and the infection is at risk of spreading to sinuses, eyes, or ears.

broken tooth
broken or completely missing tooth

Broken teeth are at high risk of getting infected and are normally very painful. If we can save the tooth with a crown we will, but an extraction may be the only option.

throbbing pain
throbbing, aching, constant or intermittent

If a tooth is so painful that over-the-counter medications do not control it, it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

yellow, thick, exudes from gum tissue

Pus is the physical embodiment of infection. It may exude out of the pocket or form a "pimple" further down on the gum tissue and "pop" periodically.

if you are experiencing a dental emergency please call us

If you are experiencing an emergency during our office hours please call (303) 798-4571 and we will do our best to fit you in the same or next day. If it is outside of our office hours, please call the office number and listen to the voicemail message to be directed to our on-call doctor.