Why We Love Tooth Brushing (And You Should, Too!)

What could be better, than you wake up after the long night and first what you're doing wash off with cooling water all the microbes accumulated overnight? It is not just the procedure for your hygiene, but it is kind of a ritual, which everyone should do before going outside. Have you ever had this feeling, when you wake up in the morning and feel kind of a mess in a mouth? It is so messy, that you even afraid to start talking with your family because something could fall out from there.

Tooth brushing is not just about your health. It's also for your pleasure! We heard a lot about massage and how it is important for your body, but do you know that your mouth also requires a massage? It is not a joke. When you use your toothbrush you should gently massage your gum. If you will not brush it, it will start turning red and eventually bleed. In addition, the massage removes stagnant phenomena in the tissues of the gums, promotes the strengthening of metabolic processes, improves blood circulation in the gums, which means that the nutrition of the tissues improves, which also will be good for your teeth. For such a massage, you should take a separate brush with soft bristles, since there is a risk of damaging the gum. Before use, the brush should be dipped in hot water to make it softer, and then apply toothpaste with natural ingredients to it.

Tooth brushing are also important for your beauty and status. Have you seen any celebrities or business owners with yellow and sick teeth? When you talk to a person, first what captures your eyes is his/her smile. We understand, that the "Hollywood Smile" cannot make with a simple toothbrush and toothpaste, but it could be closer. Your smile is a business card, which you can show and charm everyone, without even know that. It is so simple, but a result can surprise you.

All those things would be impossible without brushing your teeth and our lifestyle would be changed completely. That’s why don’t forget to clean your teeth and stay healthy 